ShaderToy examples

Hi community,

I would like to model an underground cave and went through shadertoy website and found several that do similar thing.

My question is : in these shadertoy examples (link below for example), do showcasers enter a mesh then add the fragment shader OR they only compile bunch of functions in the fragment shader and that’s about it ?

I’m saying this because nowhere there is a mention of vertexshader.

Thanks for your help

Shadertoy only does fragment shaders, shadertoy shaders that render 3D geometry usually use raymarching to create it.

You nailed it! Shadertoy was made to showcase all kinds of mathematical equations in the fragment shader, so there’s no geometry to speak of. Only math functions.

It’s a different workflow than most Three.js examples, where you would create a geometry with lots of vertices, apply a material, then somehow animate it.

See this video for a demo on how they achieve the visuals of geometry via shader without really using a Geometry object:


is there any examples for using shadertoy with Three.js projects ? or implemeting on geometry(mesh) in blender than export with .gltf .fbx .obj file as a metarial for Three.js ?

There are several examples of custom shaders on Three.js meshes.

If you want to use a Shadertoy shader, you’re going to have to manually port it over to be used with Three.js, it won’t just work with a simple copy/paste. Make sure you pay attention to each shader’s license, as some might need attribution and may not be used for commercial purposes without consent.

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