Several PointLight on scene

Hi, i have a question. In my scene i have several lamppost width PointLight in everyone.
if I look at the scene from far away FPS is good:

If zoom in from the side FPS is good:

But if zoom in on the character, FPS drops :frowning: why?

If i delete all lights, FPS is good.
And I turned off shadows, if shadows ON, FPS strongly falls

Do you mind to provide a link to your application? Without debugging it will be hard to tell something reliable.

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Um, I can’t reproduce the mentioned behavior. When starting the application, I have a low framerate with approx. 25-30 FPS. But when I move the camera closer to the animated character, FPS improves up to 40 FPS. Probably because certain objects in your scene gets view frustum culled.

It’s in general very inefficient to use lights in this way. You have a much better performance if you remove all point lights from the lampposts and bake the light effects into your textures. Another approach is to use a light map like shown in the following example:

You should also try to decrease the amount of draw calls in your app. At certain camera angles, you have up to 700 draw calls per frame. Try to merge geometries, avoid objects with (many) multiple materials or use instanced rendering if possible.


Thank you very much :+1: