Secondary scene background

Hi everyone, I’m facing a problem when I use a secondary scene to display the world axes; I would like this secondary scene to be transparent because if I zoom in on the primary scene the rendered mesh becomes big but a part of it is hidden by the background of the secondary scene.
I’m trying to adapt this sandbox: eager-glade-46ung - CodeSandbox found in the last reponse of this topic Three.js: Show world coordinate axes in corner of scene - Stack Overflow

How could I do ?

Thanks by advance.

Try it like so: flamboyant-glade-to4v6p - CodeSandbox

  • Disable autoClear by using renderer.autoClear = false;.
  • Clear manually in your render function via renderer.clear();.
  • Don’t apply a background to the scene that holds the axes helper.

Wonderful; many thanks!