[Scene & Modeling] Create the light realistic

Someone tell me the ideal to create the light as this sample

This’s my current object
I tried using emission material (on loader )but seem not worked

What does “not worked” mean? Can you please elaborate in more detail?

I mean export object with material like this image
But not working

Sorry, you have to add more details to your post:

  • What DCC tool are you using (looks like Blender)?
  • What exporter are you using?
  • Please share the blend and exported file in this thread.
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What DCC tool are you using (looks like Blender)?

The screenshot is from Blender.

@doum emissive materials are not going to look the same after export as they do in Blender… Realtime engines cannot simulate emitting light from an arbitrary shape that way, so instead you’ll need to find other ways to light the scene:

Once you have the scene lit the way you want, you can still create the illusion that the light is coming from a specific object by adding a bloom pass, which creates a bright-looking blur around emissive objects, but doesn’t actually light the scene.


Thanks u :slight_smile: