Rotations from the perspective of the scene

Hello everybody
I would like to rotate a cuboid one after the other in different axes and look at the result in each case:

const myfacecols1=["red","brown","green","yellow","blue","white"];
mycolqu1=colquader(5,5,5,4.8,4.8,4.8,myfacecols1,"black",true,true); //my correct function
//boma = short Math.DegreeToRadians function

The last result looks likes rotateZ(boma(90)
Reason: the y-axis is also rotated by first rotation
I would like to realize the rotations individually from the perspective of the scene. What can I do? Is there a simple example that I can understand and use for my tasks? Same problem and reason for such rotations around a pivot point as parent

My experience in finding a solution is not yet great here.
Thank you for your help.