[SOLVED] CubeView : rotation of cube similar to camera

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to implement a cube that rotates as my camera rotates. If you ever used 3dsMax or Maya you can see what i’m talking about (I’m not trying to do something as complicated though :sweat_smile: ).
What i have now is a line of code that copies the camera rotation into the cube :
this.Cube.rotation.copy(this.Camera.rotation) ; .
It’s clearly not the way to do it (because it’s behaving very weirdly), so my question is : does anyone have any idea or leads on how to make it work ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

I found a research that explains the cube view of Autodesk if anyone is interested : https://d2f99xq7vri1nk.cloudfront.net/legacy_app_files/pdf/p17-khan.pdf

If anyone is interested here is how i did it :
I just applyed the inverse of the camera rotation to the cube :
In the update function :

There are a couple of easier way we can do this:

  1. this.Cube.quaternion.copy( this.camera.quaternion ); OR
  2. this.Cube.lookAt( this.camera.position )