How to rotate objects with Help of Transform Matrix

Hello Three.js Community. I am trying to rotate the objects 90 degree on Y Axis (they are child of the Scene) and I am willing to achieve same result if I would do it when this objects would have parent and I would rotate only paren on Y axis.
How to calculate the Transform Matrix so I Can achieve this result
Gods of three.js once again I need you help !!!

@prisoner849 I think I need you help ))

Would be great to provide an editable live code example with more detatiled explanation of what you want to achieve. :thinking:
Maybe someone would like to participate too :slight_smile:

thank you for your Help but I dig to the answer by myself ))

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If you share your solution, it might help other members of this forum, looking for the same issue.

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For those who are seeking a solution on how to rotate around the pivot point is
to calculate the distance between the object and the pivot point, then bring the model to the center Add the difference to the object make a rotation, and then Add the pivot point position to this object Later I will provide the example