Rotate the object

three js rotate the object around the object, but I want to do it from bottom to top.

I want to rotate like in the link

I want to rotate like the minute hand of the clock…
ss.txt (24.9 KB)

my codes are in the txt file

You can rotate an object using rotateX, rotateY, rotateZ (if you’d like to mimic clock movement rotateZ and rotateX is probably what you are looking for.) All these methods rotate object around its local origin point (Vector3(0, 0, 0).)

does not come out in the object rotateZ OR Y does not come out. How do I do it. Do you have a chance to review the code?

Yes, but it’s 50% comments, 50% shader uniforms and 50% a bit messy. Can you specify which object you would like to rotate and what happens when you try to rotate it? (I couldn’t test the code and see what’s there, I think it’s missing the shader part.)

I want to rotate the little ball above in the form of a clock, it will be 9 of them, it will spin like a clock minute hand around the middle round

Just from the scratch:

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Slightly different option: