How to rotate object properly

I’m using three.js for my current project but it seems like the output is different from the output that I want. I already tried to play around with the rotation but no luck. Please see my code below.

Output that I want

Currently have:

The structure of your code is not correct.

You need a function like

function animate() {

	  requestAnimationFrame( animate );

	  time = * 0.001;
	  mesh.rotation.y = time;
	  mesh.rotation.z = 0.5* ( 1 +  Math.sin( time ) );
	 renderer.render( scene, camera );


see examples like
BeginnerExample ( // see also the function animate( ) for all steps )
BufferGeometryNormals ( .addAttribute is now .setAttribute )

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Why do I need requestAnimationFrame?

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Javascript provides three methods for animations:

setTimeout ()

setInterval () - repeats statements in an interval

With - requestAnimationFrame () - the browser takes over the interface and optimizes the method



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@hofk I’ve added the animate but still the same result. I just need to rotate it like an isometric view. Please see my updated code here in jsfiddle.