Robotics Startup looking for experienced WebGL/Three.js Developer for a project

My NYC-based robotics startup is looking for an experienced WebGL/three.js engineer to work with us remotely on a simulator for our collaborative robot. We are a small team of engineers with experience in robotics who’ve been working on perfecting our hardware robot over the last couple of years. The WebGL/Three.js simulator will connect to our live robot, which is ready to go into pilot later this year.

Please reach out in PM if sounds interesting or if you know a great developer who would be a good fit for us.

Thank you everyone!


Hi, PM sent. Thanks!

Hi Ben,

I’ve only just joined the threejs forum as a user (I normally just read other people’s posts) so it wont let me message you directly but I’m super interested in what you are doing. I am currently building a robot simulator in three.js for my Master’s project at the Bartlett School of Architecture which will be two spherical workspace robots driven by stepper motors and timing belts. The idea is to incorporate ideas from dance partnering into performing machines which share a workspace. On the link below, I am imitating the angle of a line between a pair of joints in mocap data with my robot mechanism. It’s a work in progress so there are some things that still need sorting like handling rotation values over 360 degrees(which is why you might see it jumping at certain points) and collision avoidance between the two robots but you can see my work on it so far here:

Besides that, I have programmed a UR10 for light painting here:

and I have worked with motors for making an interactive kinetic sculpture here:

If you are interested, my email is

Hi Ben,
Sounds like an interesting project and something that is right up my alley of expertise.
I would be interested in this position.
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,

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