Reviews and feedback

Hello!! hoping you are doing great, it is posible to ask for reviews here? and receive feedback of what can be done in a better way? for example I doing a portfolio and adding some things with r3f but for some reason sometimes if I left my pc in the screen with meshes it begans to present some glitches and then I need to restart, so maybe is something with the performance of my application?

Yes, although it depends a bit on the scope of the support you need. For example if you need support for optimizing an entire application with various components, it’s probably better to file a topic in the Job category.

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ok, my idea this time is this simple web, it is possible that you can tell me if the meshes in this web can be shown in a better way? or is good? this is the link: and this is the repo: GitHub - AbelSpecs/portfolio: portfolio
Thank you!