It had be brought to life

It had to be the main feature of my portfolio:

I got inspired by a meme on reddit. I have received positive feedbacks so far :slight_smile:
It is a quick and dirty project. Don’t hesitate to report any bugs.

Sometimes there is no “YOU”

The jiggle stickers often get sliced like Banksy’s shredded painting:

The diversity of styles (and fonts) is overwhelming. However, it’s is good there is no Comic Sans.

The horizontal scroller says “Three.js”, but none of the job positions has a Three.js tag.

The computer fan got crazy, even when graphic stuff is offscreen.

@PavelBoytchev Thank you for reporting these the those bug. This helps a lot.

Can you please share your browser and CPU specs?



I think I have fixed the “You”.

I will need to investigate further the performances issues.
It might be slightly better but definitely not enough I guess.