Return of the Earthmover - 3D Pixel art game

Hello, I’m finishing my first “game” !
It’s not really a game as there is no real objective but moving around.
It was mostly an exploration of shaders and the limitation of building a 3D Pixel art game in THREE.js,
You can try it here :

Sources and inspirations can be found here :

Here is a video if you’re on mobile :

Hf !


Very impressive! Well done :smile:

The movement needs some work imho. When moving right (pressing D) I would expect to be moving right, and not diagonally.


That made me giggle :joy:

The lighting is really well done!

Thanks !
For the movements i tried to go with something similar to Hades, i guess it can feel awkward but i think it would be even more awkward if you went out of the “grid”.
But the overall smoothness of the movement is way off, i realised that was way harder than expected :sweat_smile:

@ip3ly5 Thanks a lot !