renderer.setRenderTarget can't access property "length", textures is undefined

Hey guys,

since I updated from r156 to r163 my project is not running anymore. Its firing errors when calling the webGLRenderer.setRenderTarget( renderTarget ) function


ERROR TypeError: can’t access property “length”, textures is undefined

Im not finding anything about that in the migration guide and cant seem to fix it. The renderTarget variable is not undefined.
Anyone got a glue whats going on?

Thanks in advance

Are you using a multi sample render target? This was removed in 162, theres also been quite a few significant changes since 156…

Its a WebGLRenderTarget Im using. The code is taken from the contact shadow example. three.js/examples/webgl_shadow_contact.html at 134ff886792734a75c0a9b30aa816d19270f8526 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub

Ill look into the changes again. Maybe I have to upgrade one version after the other

Is that a plural typo in texture(s) by any chance?

This sounds like the most trustworthy way to get to the bottom of the issue… Otherwise trying to console.log render Target to see if it and the properties you’re trying to access actually exist…

I figured it out, it was a stupid mistake on my side. An automated script was not updating a submodule. Ill delete this post as its of no use, i guess
Thanks for your help tho!