Incorrect Render Target Usage?

I’m trying to render to texture using a render target however the texture appears empty when using it. Excluding the final pass, the render target scene renders properly. The code is quite lengthy so you can find it at this github repo. The main js code is in js/HyperSpace.js. You’ll need to run a local server to view the page properly.

Do you mind creating a jsfiddle with only the code you are having issues with?

No problem,this is my initialization functions and the animation loop as well as some of the variable declarations. Not the full code but hopefully it helps you get an idea of what’s going on.

I’m using WebGL2 for this project, I’m not certain if that could be a problem but it is something different from the example you have on the website.

I think it’s better to share a runnable live demo and not just a code snippet so it’s possible to debug your issue :wink:

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