Reduce the object load time

I am building a product customizer software. I import 3d objects from marvelous designer and I change textures of them using three.js. My problem is this: 3d object that I use (.obj file) 15Mb and it takes 5-7 sec. to just load the object. (I use OBJloader) . SO I want to reduce the object load time. Another Important point is I only use front and back views of object, so in fact I don’t need all angles of views about the object. So is there a method that you can offer to reduce the object load time for my case.
May I use front and back views of the object instead of full object? Or is there a way to reduce the size of obj model? (Should I try different formats .fbx or any other format - or is there just different methods to reduce the object size?) Or should I use dfferent object loader?

Any idea is appreciated, thanks.

Hello, I found this: Taking too much time to load object this response is great but can we also do something to further reduce the size, SINCE I don’t need all the surfaces of the 3d model. I just need one camera angle and front and back views. So is there a method just to use these 2 sides instead of whole 3d object?

SECONDLY, how can I convert OBJ file to glTF as offered in the response? Because Marvelous designer doesnt give glTF format as an export method. It support, FBX,LXO,SAMD,HDF5,OGAWA. So is there a tool that you use for conversion?
Thanks again

You can try FBX2glTF

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