Reason for FPS slowdown

Is there anything that could cause a steady and consistent FPS drop in a three.js app?

The FPS in my three.js game, starts to dip at about 2 minutes in and goes down steady and slow until it reaches 0 (after about 30 minutes).

I first suspected a memory leak but chrome heap snapshots dont seem to be getting much bigger over time (see screenshot).

Is there anything else that could cause a steady consistent FPS drop like this?

Happy to share a live link privately if anyone wants to see the full code :slight_smile:

ScreenShot 6

Try measuring app performance using the Performance tab in devtools. If it’s caused by JavaScript - it’ll tell you exactly what’s taking so much time.

Thanks @mjurczyk! I’ve just tried this and it seems that heapsize and nodes are climbing steadily.

Where would I go from here?

turns out the problem was the three.js audio engine, I switched to howler.js for audio and the FPS stabilized.

more about this issue here: