Latest gameplay from my multiplayer three.js fps game Jamir


Wanted to share the latest gameplay of the game i am developing with three.js. There is a lot to do and there are some major bugs but i hope i can fix them all and release the game in 2020.


Interesting, I think you will need to optimize it a bit, sound seems to be very choppy and framerate is a bit low. But overall it’s incredible progress, well done!


Thanks for your support! It looks like fps is around 40-50. The main reason for this is the screen recorder software. It drops fps around 10. Generally the game works with 52-60 fps in my ASUS 16gb ram - Intel HD Graphics 530 - Screen resolution is 2560 x 1080. I made 3 texture quality selection. This is recorded with the highest one. The game server which is running on my computer also slows down a bit. Before release i will set my self a one month time only for the extra optimizations to increase fps.

I couldnt figure out the broken sound. Positional audio causes this issue. It happens when more then 10 audios play at the same time…

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this has to be a game week, so many games were posted


Hi everyone,

I recorded the latest gameplay of my three.js game Jamir, sorry for the terrible quality. Hope you like it.


Really looks fantastic!!

Thanks, appreciate it! :blush:

Looks insane! I wonder how you managed to get such a big map with good framerate


Thanks! I hide and show objects based on manual areas i manually set up. Map is around 5-6 times bigger then in the video.


I am really really tired, but still working and trying to complete it, hope you like it…