Latest gameplay from my multiplayer three.js fps game Jamir

where do you get this i mean in homepage or in the world page ?

After the loading, where you pick color - I pressed Join Solo and it crashed to that error (I’ll retry in a moment to see if it repeats.)

Edit: it seems to be working after reload :grin: looks amazing!

I am so happy to hear this because i was thinking the error since you wrote you can not play.

I don’t like FPS games but knowing that this one has been made entirely in three.js is absolutely awesome!!
Congratulations for this success!!

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Thanks appreciate it.

If i could make a suggestion. THere doesn’t seem to be a lot of people playing, so you should make a singleplayer mode. Like where you fight against aliens or AI.

Thanks for the suggestion. The current online version is like a beta test, i am trying to complete the stable and improved version in february. It is not my acutal job, working on it as a hobby and i am all alone in this so completion of the tasks (especially animations & ui) goes more slower then usual. There will be a survival mode until april and that mode can also be played single or co op.

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