Real AR on iOS. How can we do it?

So i’ve created and a few other AR experiments that are working great on Android. Amazing how well the threejs webXR is working here.

However, as you may know, it doesn’t work on iOS.

What are some options for real AR (markerless) now and going forward?

I know of Zappar and 8th wall which seem to work just fine but i’ve heard they are $$$$.

I use Mozilla webXR viewer and it works on iOS however that requires downloading the app which immediately defeats the purpose of a web solution.

Does anyone else have any insight around real AR on iOS going forward.

iOS is an increasing pain to support…


As long as Webkit and the OS do not support WebXR, there will be no proper XR support on iOS browsers in general.

Sidenote: The fact that browsers on iOS have to be based on Webkit sucks. And I would love to see that governments/competition guardians ban this approach. In my view it’s bad for competition and thus the user experience.


We gots to do something about this…

Put some heat on Apple…

Any wild ideas?

Maybe ensure that WebXR lands on this list:

At the page’s bottom, there are some contact information.

we need to turn up the heat