Query regarding OBJLoader

Hi, I am completely new to three.js (only a week of experience) but referring to online tutorials I have succesfully rendered a 3d model of a lift. However I am clueless how to position 2 searchlights exactly in the roof of the lift dynamically that means without hardcoding. About the 3D object of the searchlights, they are connected to each other and although after hours spending on the rotation, scaling and positioning, I manage to place one of the lights on the roof, the other light still tilts upwards. How can I fix this, any link or suggestion would be very helpful.

Could you show the code for your lights?

Or even better create a codepen to demonstrate your issue.

Extremely sorry to reply this late. Had demo with seniors, then customer and had to design the graphics according to requirement and show the seniors again. However I pointed out the mistake. I was adding the lights to the scene instead of the mesh object for the lift that is already been added to the scene. Now work got reduced since I have to work on scaling and rotation of those lights. If faced any problem, I will make a post again. Thanks.