Property 'samples' does not exist on type 'WebGLRenderTarget'

I have a question regarding the samples-property.

If check and it´s true.
Then I want to set samples of WebGLRenderTarget, but got console-error:
Property ‘samples’ does not exist on type ‘WebGLRenderTarget’.

npm -v tells me I´m using relatively latest version of “three”.

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

It does not matter it WebGL 2 is supported or not. The property WebGLRenderTarget.samples always exists.

What exact version of three.js are you using?

npm i three@latest

The property exists since r138. Please show how you do with a live example.

three module´s package json says its:

  "_from": "three@0.138.0",
  "_id": "three@0.138.0",

if I then import * as THREE from "three";
and test:

    const fbo1 = new THREE.WebGLRenderTarget(resolution, resolution, parameters);
    fbo1.depthBuffer = true;
    fbo1.depthTexture = new THREE.DepthTexture(resolution, resolution);
    fbo1.depthTexture.format = THREE.DepthFormat;
    fbo1.depthTexture.type = THREE.UnsignedShortType;    

    const fbo2 = new THREE.WebGLRenderTarget(resolution, resolution, parameters)

    if ( {
        //console.log( fbo1 )
        fbo1.samples = this.defaults.bufferSamples;

compiler does not build still telling me:
Property ‘samples’ does not exist on type ‘WebGLRenderTarget’.