Procedural trees & flowers

So I had this (original, no doubt :wink: ) idea of creating a hierarchy of paths and assigning instanced meshes to them to see if I can make some trees … and after a while I made this tool.

Turns out it’s possible to create more than just trees, there are also some flowers and other various assets.

I added some simple animation capacity as well as loading of GLTF files.

I only have access to a 5 year old laptop now, so hopefully, this page will work on actual desktop computers.

All assets can be exported and saved as a text file or as a stand-alone HTML page.

The code is written in vanilla JS and only requires THREE.js library.

Tested on Chrome/FF under Win10.

Let me know what you think and what’d be the biggest thing you would’ve added or changed.

Here is how the UI looks like:


Showcase (clickable external links):


apple palm birch


daisy cactus fmn


rain lightning

blossom animation

sakura pond

… and other assets

violets fountain


That’s astonishing! Beautiful work!

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