Procedural Island and City Generator, and Flight Simulator (Three.js)

Use the left or right mouse button to fly forwards or backwards.

  • Explore the island and cities. You might find the hidden world capital quiz questions.
  • Click on [Create new Random Island] to generate new islands.
  • Tested on Chrome.
  • How is your FPS performance on your browser? You can watch it while flying if you click on the [Stats] button.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Some impressions ( or


Awesome! I was going to suggest more than one city, but finally happened!

It has nice aesthetics to it - I love the clouds! Its clever how the camera slows down as you get nearer the surface. But when inside the cities with the people, I wished that I could switch to FPS style movement!

@kohloth: Thanks for your feedback! Yes, it is a good idea to switch to FPS style movement as soon as the person touches the ground or slightly hovers above it.

Regarding the aesthetic: I generally just love low-poly style and I have spent quite some time for the lowest-poly design possible :slight_smile: I had a lot of other plans with this project, such as creating some procedural low-poly fishes and whales you can meet if you dive into the water, or continuously add threejs functions for generating procedural stairs, floors, apartments and furniture.

Hopefully I can find some time in the near future to pick up the threads again and resume with this project. I had fun with it :slight_smile:

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Sounds like you have a ton of ideas for this! That’s the unfortunate thing about being a programmer, right? Minutes to have ideas, months to bring them into existence!

Best of luck with it if it becomes a focus again!

This looks great! Are you willing to share some of your code by any chance? I’m trying to learn some procedural generation and I also absolutely love this low poly look.