Problem with loading large scene from blender

i’ve trying to figure out what slows my loading process i have gltf file with 30 nested objects from blender and it loads fine until it gets to the 8 file and then it slows and freeze for 10-8 secs and then load the other ones… how can i fix that ? or maybe its not possible to reduce that time?
thanx for any help :slight_smile:

Very hard to guess from a screenshot, can you share a demo or the file(s) you are loading?

It does seem like this file contains a very large Data URI, and that’s always going to be slow. Are you using the glTF Embedded option when exporting from Blender? I would suggest always avoiding that option. Use glTF Binary if you want a single file (most common), or glTF Separate if you want textures and binary data in separate files.

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I will try glb if it will reduce time and i removed the url logs and its little quicker

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