Possible to create fog with vertical dropoff?

Hey gang,

Is there a way to dropoff fog vertically?

For example, if there was a skyrise building, it could stuck out above the fog?

Looking for a very lightweight solution ( :

You mean like this? For a simple implementation you can patch the fog shader chunk to „raise“ the fog distance by the Y axis depending on the distance.

This pen of @prisoner849 does similar i guess (see palm trees).


Thanks for the reply. But I’m not sure I really understand how these are creating a vertical dropoff for the fog…

^ going for this

That’s the effect. The fog decreases vertically by height constrained by distance.

I also consider the camera height as the higher you’re off the ground the more the fog below/closer to you increases, but you only need that if you can fly or such. Considering that, once being above the top height of the fog you only see vertical fog.

There is another option: Cheap misty effect
Though I’m not sure that’s what you need.

Wow that’s close. I think there may be a way to combine that with fog to make it work.

What i described is distance and height combined.

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