Possible side affect of using bloom threshold?

As you can see in this image, only certain parts of the emmisive texture are getting bloom when using bloom threshold to determine what does and doesn’t have bloom. I want the blue part of the screen to have bloom as well but maybe that’s just a side affect of doing bloom this way?

(emmision was increased to better show the problem)

You can put the screens texture into the .emissiveMap of the material to make it bloom also, instead of using just a single color for emissive…
so like… material.emissiveMap = material.map

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I don’t have an emissive map, it’s just a part of the glb file from blender, unless an emissive map is created within that somewhere but I’m not sure how I’d access that.

I meant you can use the texture that you use for the desktop image as an emissiveMap.
And emissiveMap is just like any other texture, but it affects the emissive color.
I don’t know how your CRT screen image is created, but if it’s just a texture or a CanvasTexture, you may be able to instead of putting it in material.map, put it in material.emissiveMap and adjust three.js docs
material.emissiveIntensity to something that works for you…

just increase the emissiveIntensity a bit. read this Emission and bloom it explains why emission isn’t a 1:1 relation. just because you’re over the threshold with a materials emissiveIntensity doesn’t mean you have reached the luminance needed to trigger the effect.

Pixels above the luminance threshold will bloom, creating a glow in screen space. In three.js, the bloom threshold is defined in luminance, measured with weights for the spectral sensitivity of human vision,[4] also called luma coefficients. With emissive color #FF00FF and an intensity of 100 nits, a luminance threshold of 99 nits will not show visible bloom, due to the luma coefficients.

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Ok I’ll try that, should I make the texture darker then to compensate for the extra brightness added by the emission?

So I made the texture much darker, and then upped the emmision strength in blender and now I get bloom on the blue part of the screen, however the brightness is now wayy to high and I dont think making the texture darker again would solve the issue.

that you can control on the bloom effect. if you use pmndrs/postprocessing it’s intensity, jsm/effectcomposer i don’t know but it has properties for that also. i’m guessing you want something like this Monitors - CodeSandbox

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Yes, Exactly like that! I need to keep the contrast of the screen but preferably without react as that adds a load more complication that I don’t want to get into right now.

you need to find the correct intensity on the bloom effect.

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