Possibility to make an imagesequence paired with a sequence of normal maps

I know how to make a basic image texture paired with a normal map and use this as a very basal, static component which atm. corresponds to the mouse position by moving a light source relative to it.

I have seen three.js examples with morphing meshes, also i have seen video/imagesequence textures which are projected on meshes and whatnot.

My very “brave” idea was to find out if theres a way to make a image sequence that is paired with a sequence of normal maps. Neither do i know how to write that in the material; nor if its not good for performance and / or mobile friendly.

Any help or recommended reads on this would be appreciated.
Attached see an example for the static imgtex-normal-light(rel. to cursor) combination (not mine).

I’m not clear on what you want to achieve.

Regarding the thing you have attached: having a normal map and a light source in three.js would achieve similar effect. You do not need to know much about anything to use this, just follow along with the existing examples and modify the code to your heart’s content.