Port Post Process for Camera - UE to Three.js - Paid Gig

Hey guys,

Back in the day, I developed a couple of post-process materials for the camera in UE4/5.
Today, I am working on some Three.js challenges and want to move some of my developments there.

You don’t have to know C++ or Unreal for this project.

It is a paid gig, and it requires an expert or semi-expert level in post-process/shaders development.


I am a passionate 3D developer, specializing familiar three.js.
How can I help you?
I 'd like to discuss in more detail.

Hello! Is this still in time? I have a certain experience in creating shader effects.
Get in touch if you still need it.

hey. do you have anything to check out?

All Best!

I’m a seasoned Three.js expert.
Let’s talk!