We are looking for capable developers to work on Three.js based 3D editor

Hi Everyone,
We are EF EVE team, creating Volumetric Video creation and distribution tools ( https://ef-eve.com/ ). We are based in London and Kaunas, Lithuania. Looking for a capable webGL/Three.js developer to help us build web based 3D editor for volumetric video and 3D models editing.
Related tasks: post-processing filters; lighting; animations and annotations; etc.
This is a freelance position, thought we have no preference for your location.
If you find this interesting please contact us: agnis@ef-eve.com

Hi EF EVE team !
I have strong practical experience on Three.js and involved in several 3D projects until now.
My strong field is Shader development, Three.js Framework inner structure, and Geometry handling and etc.

Please discuss your project if you interested.
PS: I am okay to test my experience on Three.js.

Hi Luis,
Please write us via email and we will take it from there.