Point Text Helper

May someone find useful to display (debug) texts, small texts (max chars: 12), but a lot of texts (> 10k) ?

Here is a tool i made, because i need it.
Based on THREE.Points for fast drawing (instancing).
Any feedback will be highly appreciated.

Still wip, but on npm (typescript behind, so declaration are available)





Fine thing. :+1:

At the beginning of my work with three.js I wanted to see the arrangement of the vertices and faces, so I did something similar, but simpler with THREE.Line.

function vertexFaceNumbersHelper( mesh, mode, size, color ) {
	//  mode: 0 nothing, 1 vertex, 2 face, 3 vertex & face

Memorized there:

for BufferGeometry
Addon to create special / extended geometries Magic Sphere, Magic Box

for Geometry
[SOLVED] Are segments in a side selectable? - #3 by Frustrated-Programmer

Code also on GitHub

hi hofk, thx for the links

I write this tool because i want to achieve this

did you have any insights about this?

There exist the possibility to put HTML code instead of raw text?

Or can I put an Image instead?


Definitively not. Possibilities are very limited (12 chars max). Text is drawn via shader seeking for glyphs in a table texture (atlas). It allows to draw an insane number of texts, but small texts (debugging purposes). The only options are : position, color, size


Got it. Many thanks as well.

Anyways its seems to be really useful, keep it up.

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