Adding some text in boxGeometry either all sides or not

So What I’m trying to understand here I search a posted in threejs forums about the text putting in a geometry and I found this two links

but I don’t know how I will import the module in react modules of the FontLoader() and Can’t find any information similarly into react not unless react-three-fiber but I don’t wanna used that cause It sounds like lazy modules that don’t have a specific information how it works.

So basically my goal here is to add some text in each BoxGeometry either all sides or just the frontsides of all the BoxGeometry but I don’t know how I will figure it out.

I have a codesandbox here feel free to see it. I’m just learning yet the threejs so free to judge me lol.

I want to add some text in those boxGeometry either the text is on 3d or just a plane 2d like a normal website does in your page or somewhere else you see everyday… How can I do that? Is this something like adding div tags in geometry or what? Thanks for any response and help.