Color of bevel in THREE.TextGeometry

Hi everyone, I tried everything I can but still see no results trying to color BEVEL geometry part of TextGeometry generated text, could you please help with any thoughts on this question.

For example, this one doesn’t allow to color it’s bevel separately

I thought that maybe I can edit source files of the TextGeometry part so it could color Bevel Geometry separately, but I saw so real success finding that file currently. I hope three.js have so options to separate TextGeometry’s bevel color. - Regards, z

const loader = new THREE.FontLoader();

loader.load( 'fonts/helvetiker_regular.typeface.json', function ( font ) {

	const geometry = new THREE.TextGeometry( 'Hello !', {
		font: font,
		size: 80,
		height: 5,
		curveSegments: 12,

		bevelEnabled: true,
		bevelThickness: 10,
		bevelSize: 8,
		bevelOffset: 0,
		bevelSegments: 5
	} );
} );

Could you provide a picture of desired result?

Hi sure, something like this, colored “stroke effect”Screenshot from 2020-12-10 15-01-17

I’ve just found a link by googling three.js stroke effect, will try it today

I glanced at code and it just duplicates an object and scales new “stroke” object behind it a bit

I found a solution by just copying TextGeometry data (those that in to other var textMesh1UNDER = new THREE.Mesh( textGeo, textColor2UNDER) .mesh object and then make some easy .rotation & .scale for that duplicated text