Text to textgeometry on a 3d model

I want convert text into text geometry and manipulate the geometry properties. from refernece in the internet this is what i came up with however after a bit of research i got to know that font loader has been removed from three library.

import { FontLoader } from ‘three’;


const text_loader = new FontLoader();

text_loader.load(‘…/goldoni.json’, function (font) {
const geometry = new THREE.TextGeometry(‘three.js’, {
font: font,
size: 5,
height: 1,
curveSegments: 10,
bevelEnabled: false,
bevelOffset: 0,
bevelSegments: 1,
bevelSize: 0.3,
bevelThickness: 1

import { Font, FontLoader } from ‘three/examples/jsm/loaders/FontLoader’;


This example can guide you ?