Png as displacement map

Hello everyone! I’d like to make an effect on mouse over like the website:

They use a png as displacement, but i can’t figure out how.

What are the steps to make it?

I’m able to do an effect like this of zoom bubble on mouse movement with a custom fragment shader. I’ve made a custom pass with post processing, made a circle in fragment shader set the center to mouse coords and multiply uvs with circle coords and voilà. Simple. But how to use a texture instead of circle?

Thank you

I’ve solved. For anyone interested i’ve made a plane with a f shader that makes ripples with mouse position and velocity. After that i’ve made with FBO ping pong technique the water trail. In different scene i rendered always with render target the image. Finally in post processing i merged the ripples and image uvs so it distort as the site i’ve mentioned! (1)

Hey I am trying to recreate exactly, I am unable to get the effect on mouseover, will you please tell me how you achieved it

Hi Man! As I sayed i made fragment shader with a circle follow the mouse then using the velocity of the mouse i made multiple residue images of the circle that follow the mouse. After that you have to apply the waves to the uvs of the image or other element!