Pmndrs / postprocessing Problem on M1 mac (Scene blink)

Hi, I liked to ask about my blinking issue with postprocessing with pmndrs’s module.

I know it is quite wrong to post the question or issue on three js forum but I think there are lot of developers that using this module, so l think I have to post on this forum too. (I already post the issue on github)

I checked with my window laptop this symptom is not occur…

only my M1 mac mini and M1 Macbook pro occurs this symptom

I think something about clearing renderer is not working correctly, but that is tiny suspicion.
Or My setting is not correct to use.

This is test repo that any one try with my code.
Please help. :slight_smile:

Plus This symptom not occur on color background goes #ffffff or #000000 and Texture background

Likely related:

If so, then unfortunately the only workaround I’m aware of at the moment is to use a different render target type or encoding.