a PWA made with three.js + ionic + stencil.js

Our company web page, fully made with three.js + ionic + stencil.js

what do you think?


I’m always happy to see sites with Three.js animations.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure I can view your site the way it might be expected. I tried to see your portfolio of Three.js projects, but I was not able to find it. I can only use one [Play] button that shows a triangle.

Snapshot + Console

– Pavel

thanks Pavel for your reply!!, can u tell me which browser r u using? I will make it work for you.

Into that triangle, if u allow my app to show your webcam, will render your face. :slight_smile: I am working in change camera position based on user face movement (only if user has webcam and allows to use it in my page)


Firefox 109.0.

It’s not that important to make it work for me. It is more important to make it work for your customers. Consider the impact of your site on users without cameras or not willing to give permission to have their cameras accessed by your site. They should be able to fully enjoy your site too.

– Pavel