Looking for a web developer

hi! i wonder if someone can do a website like this> https://artistsbooksmiami.org/ for me and how much would be? i already have a shopify account so would be through there

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As i m a senior web developer I m intersting in your project.
for your project , need to use GSAP animation library.
You can see my previous completed projects like your reference website.

I would like to discuss more details via directly telegram or discord.
telegram id : @max420s
Thank you


Hmm, it doesn’t look like that website uses any of Three.js tools, does it?

the reference website didn’t use threejs , just used GSAP animation .
I have built over 10 projects for amazing 3d animation effect for webdesign before.
if you want to see it then i also can share with you after run on my local machine or deploy on live server.
but @marquizzo , who are you?
I m not sure why do you ask me .
Anyhow , if you need my help then DM me.
Thank you

Hi Camila,

I can probably help develop this kind of site. Since you posted this on a Three.js forum, are you looking for a similar website but with 3D models instead, or would you like any kind of 3D camera movement (for example, the perspective changes a little as the user moves their mouse) to make the page feel more interactive?

Please reply to my email cibymili@gmail.com

Hi Braiden
Thank you for your message.
You just said exactly what i want. instead of the 2D images would be 3D models and if possible animated (I don’t want to compromise the website’s performance)
whats your e-mail? Would like to send more details through there.

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