Physics to an fbx file

Hi there, iam kinda lost on this if someone can help it would be much appreciated. Before starting, someone said i could use trimesh with rapier engine but i couldn’t figure it out. I’m also kind of new to three.

So im trying to get physics to work on this model which is a dave mira freestyle bmx map that i imported to blender and saved as an fbx file.

I am using cannon-es which i’m also new to it, i got the basics of world physics and three world.

My problem is that i don’t know what data i got to retrieve from my model, to pass to cannon and i don’t know how to do it.

Here’s the project : ( theres the model object in the console )

Here’s my code : 20-physics – Deployment Source – Vercel

So yeah, any help is very much appreciated, this is a side project to help me understand how to do this stuff :pray:

Using trimesh with cannon is relatively quite a bit complicated - cannon is best with primitive shapes. For complex colliders you’ll indeed almost definitely be better with rapier - what was blocking you there?

hi, i could probably get to use rapier with the doc but it would be the same issue, i don’t know what data i got to retrieve from my model to put into rapier …