PEWEO Agency New Website Showcase

Hi guys, we just launched our new In-house homepage at! Please have a look, we are very open to feedback :slight_smile: The goal was to create something stunning for potential clients while still keeping a performance that won’t restrict the user-experience.

Feel free to also check the mobile version, responsiveness was considered since the planning phase (as it should be ;))

Unfortunatly it is just available in german now, we will start the translation process in the next couple of days.

Pro-tip to enhance performance: don’t mix glassmorphism with 3D lol

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Thanks for showing the website. Beautiful work. The pale 3D background is nice, non-obtrusive. I like that the camera motion is not along a straight line.

Unfortunately, I was not able to experience the site to its full extent because of the cookies dialog that covers almost all of the scene.

I’m not against this site using cookies. But generally, I prefer sites that make me happy, and I avoid sites that ask me to make them happy. As a result, I dislike a lot of European-based web sites.

Some comments:

  • Would it be possible to add some subtle animation in the 3D scene? I mean, something so subtle, that it will not attract the user attention.
  • I don’t know the meaning of the texts, but is the 3D scene related to the texts? I mean, does the imagery support the text or it is just a kind of independent demo?
  • This cookie window – can it be made smaller? For example, for every possible screen size to have this window cover no more than 20% of the active content.
  • Yes, English translation would be nice, if this company is supposed to have international clients.
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