Personal musical project portfolio website

Hello everyone! I’m excited to present my new website for the musical project “Doansai”. I built it with Angular 14 and integrated the ThreeJS library within the Angular MVC pattern for easy maintenance, debugging, and extendibility.

Additionally, I added a SoundService that sinusoidally changes the ambient samples based on the time of day and the movement of the sun (only available on desktop since it uses the native HTMLAudio element).

In the top right corner (desktop only), there’s a synth button in a classic DAW style that enables the QWERTY keyboard as a MIDI controller to play the synth powered by Tone.js.

The website is still improvable, but I’m very proud of the result so far :slight_smile:


It looks good. The vignette effect is OK.

A question about the car – is it drawn with lines only? It looks all black with some white pixels sparking from time to time.

Thank you Pavel for checking out.
Well the car it’s a free FBX model of a Lancia Ypsilon 2007 I found online, I tried to adjust it, minify and simplify poligons on blender but I’m still not a pro, so maybe they are a sort of bad poligon sparking reflection.
The idea was about showing just the shape of some symbolic things for my music ideas.

Btw I just fixed an export compression problem about GLTF which didn’t allow to show up to some mobile phones (solution: uncompressed glb files)

Thank you again for feedback

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