People to start a RPG medieval game project? (ABSOLUTE BEGINNER in three.js)

Hey everybody,

I’m a javascript developer, and want to step a foot into game development, just by passion.

I saw amazing projects using webGL (such as voidcalls by phoboslab) , and I really would love to engage in a project with many of you guys, to create my first video game project.

My idea would be focused on a medieval, heroic fantasy universe…just because I’m an absolute lover of this world.

I’d love to spend hours, debating with team members, building prototypes…

I’m very motivated, and a very determined and hard working guy, and guarantee I’ll spend many hours every week if we build a focused team.

Ok, feel free to contact me,

Have a nice evening

If you are new to game development, I highly suggest you not to start with a huge project like an RPG with endless ideas. It sounds good, but does not work as it could take months and years of your free time without feeling of any success.
Just keep it simple, start with simple projects like what can you do in a day, a week etc. While doing so, you will have success after every small project and additionally, you can read articles about game design, clean architecture, design patterns, clean code, devops, asset bundling or instancing, server-client data synchronization, scene optimization, physics, scalable backend or things like that.


Thank you very mutch for your advice,

I appreciate that.

I’ll definitely take it into consideration.

Kind regards,


@mike1 you should also be aware that three.js is not a game engine. It’s a rendering framework (with lots of plugins). You will end up doing a lot more work using three.js than you would using some other system.

If you have a lot of experience, that might be a good thing, since you can control everything. However, when you are just starting out, maybe you should consider something that already does more things for you.

And also, as @BarthaBRW says, start small and work your way up to an RPG. Or, consider using something like rpgmaker.


I will definitely check rpgmaker. Thanks for your advice.

Have a good day,


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