PCDLoader Model Sometimes does not Render on Some Machines, Only Works With Hardware Acceleration OFF


I have a Three JS scene, that loads a PCD model on this url:


On my machine the model renders correctly. But some users are complaining that the model does not render on their machine.

A pointer is that when these users turn OFF the option “Use hardware acceleration when available”. The model does render (Although with lower performances).

Can anybody point me what could the issue be here? There is no error on the console when the model does not render, so I’m a bit lost on where to search for answers on this.

Do other WebGL applications work on these systems? Maybe it’s a more general hardware issue and unrelated to your app?

Yes, other WebGL applications do work on the machines that have problem. Even the PCD example from thee js website works for them, but this one specifically is not. The strange thing is that for other users both the three js examples and my scene do render properly