Pathfinding, polygon-based, without grid or NavMesh

Hi everyone

I needed a grid-less, polygon-based path finding that doesn’t require an existing NavMesh and I had to implement it myself as I couldn’t find anything.

So basically it’s const path = findPath(fromPoint, toPoint, allObstaclePolygons). It’s small code and super fast, even with thousands of obstacles.

Now I am wondering if something like this exists already and I just couldn’t find it. Or is everyone just constructing NavMeshes for their procedurally generated terrains?

Also, if there is interest I would polish it a bit, include a playground, and release it as an npm module… Anyone interested? :eyes:

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I cannot resist quoting Pete Cordell:



Interesting project with much scope. One question: what exactly do you move along the path? Just a point or a polygonal object?