Passion project showcase proposal: Binary automaton visualization

Hi three.js community!

I would kindly ask you to tell me whether my passion project is worthy of becoming part of the three.js showcase section: the animation itself and its source code.

It is a 3D simulation of a binary automaton or its power graph. Orbs that are emphasized are the ones that lie along the synchronizing path if such exists.

Some of the more interesting individual features:

  • ray-tracing imitation
  • ray-casting: click/tap on an orb to shift the graph so that the clicked node is in focus
  • imported and rendered computer modern font
  • camera working for both desktop and mobile (gyroscope)
  • enable sensor input and shake your smartphone to shake the graph (accelerator input)

More options are available after expanding the (intentionally) transparent menu found in the bottom right corner:

  • automated graph traversal along the synchronizing path
  • ability to squash the 3d graph into a horizontal plane
  • generating graphs from user input/randomizing
  • render quality settings
  • time of day settings

Hope to hear your feedback soon!

Kazimierz Wojciechowski

You want to limit max camera distance:

This is intentional. The user can move the position of the camera via right mouse button, hence there are alternative ways to position oneself behind the text.
I already handle the much more important case when the camera is too low and is about to enter the ocean.
Are you absolutely sure this is a problem?

also it seems you forgot to update water time

no, it is animated. just very slowly

I would greatly appreciate sharing some details about the approval process:

  • What are the criteria?
  • How many days does it take to approve a showcase project?
  • Who is responsible for the approval?

@mrdoob sees it and likes it

No specific timeline exists


Basically, if he likes it - he’ll use it, if not - not. I wish you best of luck.

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I do like everything I see, but I some projects showcase the possibilities of the library better than others.

Also, depending on workload, it can take me up to a year to update the list…