Part of the mesh doesn´t appear

So I´ve created this 3d model in blender

So I have this moon tiara in the head.

But when I load it using the threejs gltfloader, doesn´t appear in the browser…

This is the result
Very odd.

By inspecting the json object it´s there however

The js snippet I´m using to load is this:

   for (const model of Object.values(models)) {
        if (model.url.indexOf("glb") > -1) {
            (glb) => {
              model.glb = glb

and then

       Object.values(models).forEach((model, index) => {
           clonedScene = SkeletonUtils.clone(model.glb.scene)
            root = new THREE.Object3D()
            root.customType = "animated-character"

I´m still very new to threejs, only a couple of months working with

Are you exporting this model from Blender as a single glTF or glb file? If so, if you drag it into this viewer: does it appear with the expected moon tiara?

If you’re able to share the model file here for testing that would help as well.

Are you exporting this model from Blender as a single glTF or glb file?

Only as glb file.

I´m sharing the files
this is the ‘blender’ file

and the ‘glb’ format

I´ve tried to load the model into the online previewer, but something strange happenned

Could be some scaling ?

@Adriel_Werlich looks like there were two issues:

  1. There was an extra “cube” object. This was what was making it not visible when dragging into the gltf viewer (the cube was very far from the model so the model appears scaled out). I deleted the selected item here in Blender:


  1. The reason the moon tiara was not appearing was because it was a child of the “Armature” node in Blender. Moving it outside of this node as shown below in Blender fixes the issue.


Here is the fixed glTF file: shiva-murti-candra-glow-v5.glb - Google Drive

Hi there @Omar_Shehata, many many thanks for your help. I was able to solve with another approach.

I´ve created another mesh geometry in blender, similar to a crescent moon and imported it with threejs. After then creating some glow effect and movement
Final result: krishna-speaks