glTF object does not load with my code or blender, but works with Web-GlTF Viewer

(I am a noob at coding and using threejs so I wish to get some help. I followed a tutorial to import 3D models to my local server. I got them to work…however one of the 3D models that I imported would not appear. I tried using blender to import my object, but it also wouldn’t appear there. Then I tried opening it into glTF Viewer there and it worked perfectly there. So I am confused…If I am using the correct glTF loader (that loads my other objects) what could be the reason this other 3D model wont load but it works with glTF Viewer

I loaded mine using the below code and it worked fine
I also linked them using the script tag

<script src=""></script>

And by using the code :

  var gltfloader = new THREE.GLTFLoader();

    var filepath = "object.glb";

    gltfloader.load(filepath, function(gltf) {

         gltf.scene.traverse(function(node) {

              if (node.isMesh) mesh = node;