Panoglobe - 3D Route Visualizer

Hello community,
today I want to share a personal longtime project with you.
It´s a 3D Globe Visualization showing GPS routes with some points-of-interest.

I started in 2014 and consider this a v1 release, although the early versions already looked close.
It took me some time to get the Userinterface mobile-friendly and the Animations right, and I dont think it will ever be done. Please let me know if something feels weird or doesn´t work out for you, it is still in active development.

If you want to learn a little bit more about the history/dev-environment (no code/breakdown), I have this writeup in a gist:

Special thanks to these guys for sharing their knowledge and helping me :slight_smile:
(remember, this was pre discourse/discord age)

  • While building this I crawled Stackoverflow and found a lot of helpful Answers from WestLangley.
  • The important necessary Math is from Lee Stemkoski and his examples.
  • Some great resources were found in @makc3d blog posts about Labels and country-geometry.