Globus - Explore Data Through a 3D Globe

I’m excited to share my latest project! It’s been a labor of love over the past two weeks, with the final day devoted entirely to its completion. Introducing a 3D Globe where you can explore into data sourced from The World Bank Group.

  • Approximately 193 countries.
  • 32 indicators.
  • Support for 7 languages.
  • Toggle between light and dark modes.
  • Keyboard user-friendly.

Interacting with the globe is intuitive: simply click on a country’s button to load its corresponding data across the 32 indicators. Additionally, you can compare data from all countries by selecting an indicator through the search feature (which also functions as a select tool).

Feel free to explore the globe and check out the repository linked below. I’m awaiting your feedback and suggestions, which will help shape future iterations of this project during my free time. Happy exploring!