[Paid] Looking for developer to build an online configurator

Hi there,

I have several projects that need to have a configurator built for them, ideally dynamic so we could re-use it for several projects, by changing some parameters.

Needs to be 3D, imagine a shed configurator where you change dimensions, and the visual updates itself.

Please reach out vie email saulyx [AT] gmail.com

Past experience is a must, project needs to be started ASAP.


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Hi there.
I am very interesting about your project.
As three.js developer with 6+ years experiences, I have many experiences about 3D Shed.
Kind Regards.
My Discord : blueocean7335

Hello @Saulyx
How are you?
I have sent you message via email and could you take some time to check it?
I’m interested in this one and look forward to have a detailed discussion.

Adam, I can help!

Our team at HireFullStackDeveloperIndia specializes in developing dynamic and reusable configurators, including 3D visualizations. We have extensive experience in creating 3D configurators where users can adjust parameters, such as dimensions, and see real-time visual updates.

We understand the urgency of your project and are prepared to start immediately. Our team is adept at handling multiple projects and ensuring that the configurator can be easily adapted for various use cases by changing parameters.

Feel free to connect with us: hirefullstackdeveloperindia.com/


Hello, @Saulyx

  • Three.js, Babylon.js, Unity3D, 3ds max - are my main skills.
    I have a strong set of skills that uniquely qualify me for this job.
    My main strengths are Mathematics, Algorithms and Data structure.
    I recently completed professional development on WebGL with Three.js/Babylon.js.
    Professional developer having 7+ years of experience with development expertise.
    Have a good time.

I have 5 years of experience coding websites and applications efficiently using modern React, React-Three-Fiber, React-Three-drei, TypeScript Tailwindcss, Three.js, GSAP, and Unity3D WebGL.
Building easy-to-use and user-friendly websites and applications is my true passion and I am confident that this will be of great benefit to your organization. In addition to our knowledge base, we actively seek out new technologies and stay up-to-date on industry trends and developments. This has enabled me to deliver excellent work to all my employers, including those I have worked with on a project basis. I have attached a copy of some URLs detailing my experience.
please check.


I look forward to speaking with you on this occasion.
Please send your answer to apolle.world@gmail.com.


Please check out trinityjs.com

It’s based on threejs, and an ideal start point for any kind of configurator or CPQ system.
Many, many years of experience.


This is very great!
I want to develope like this.
Do you have any plan?
If you build 3D website, contact me.

Dear saulyx,

I am excited to apply for the opportunity to develop a dynamic 3D configurator for your projects. With expertise in WebGL and three.js, I can create a flexible tool that updates in real-time as parameters change.

Key Qualifications:

  • 3D Web Development: Expertise in WebGL and three.js.
  • Dynamic Configurators: Experience in building real-time, parameter-driven configurators.
  • Reusable Solutions: Skilled in creating modular systems adaptable for multiple projects.
  • User Experience: Focus on intuitive and engaging interfaces.

Application Materials:

I look forward to discussing how I can contribute to your team.

Best regards,
samuel emmanuel